Dear NCOBPS Members and Friends and Sponsoring Institutions,

On September 29, 2021 the NCOBPS Executive Council voted to hold the 2022 conference virtually. The conference will be held completely online. While it was our serious hope to have an in-person conference uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, concern for our members and potential restrictions around university travel have led us to this decision.

We will not be meeting physically in Baltimore.

Though members may be disappointed we are equally as disappointed as it was our earnest hope to hold an in-person conference in one of the most beautiful and historically significant cities on the map of the Black World.

Our Local Area Planning Committee led by Hood College Professor Tamelyn Tucker-Worgs and University of District of Columbia Professor Jasmine Noelle Yarish are planning many virtual events that feature Baltimore life, politics, history, community- based organizations and elected officials. We look forward to these activities and receptions and gatherings that feature our members from the Baltimore, Maryland, DC, Virginia area and their respective campuses.

We are looking forward to your presence, your research presentations, and your engaged participation in our very brave space,

Tiffany Willoughby-Herard, NCOBPS President

Emmitt Riley, NCOBPS Vice-President

Kathie Stromile Golden, NCOBPS Executive Director