The Graduate Assistantship Program, Inc. (GAP), established by a separate foundation, is a scholarship program to support graduate student attendance and participation in the NCOBPS Annual Meetings.

These travel grants are awarded based on the following:

CATEGORY 1: Graduate Students presenting papers during the conference;

CATEGORY 2: Graduate Students whose professors recommend attendance at the conference to gain insights into research projects; and

CATEGORY 3: Graduate Students attending the conference to gain insights on NCOBPS and considering membership in the organization.

There are no restrictions on nominees, and self-nominations as well as nominations by others are encouraged.

An independent selection committee reviews all applicants and selects the recipients.

All nominations and supporting materials must be received on or before March 14 of the award year.

    Consideration for Travel Grants

    Graduate students desirous of consideration for travel grants must pre-register for the Annual Meetings and provide the following:

    1. Proof of enrollment in a degree-granting program (e.g. official transcript or official verification of current enrollment status);
    2. A copy of the paper proposal to be presented at the conference. A copy of the All Academic, Inc. online paper submission system is acceptable (Category 1).
    3. A letter of recommendation from a professor and a brief description of research interests as it relates to the NCOBPS Annual Meeting (Category 2).
    4. Statement of interest in NCOBPS that details personal gains that might accrue from membership in the organization (Category 3).

    Awards will be presented during the Annual Meeting Awards Program.