Hanes Walton, Jr. Award

Hanes Walton, Jr. Award for Quantitative Methods Training

Call for Nominations:

The National Conference of Black Political Scientists (NCOBPS) is proud to announce the 2021 Hanes Walton, Jr. Award for Quantitative Methods Training, which provides scholarships to support participation in the ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research. The scholarship is named after Hanes Walton, Jr., an attendee and supporter of the ICPSR Summer Program, a luminary in the study of American electoral politics and African American Politics, and a co-founder of NCOBPS.

Application Materials:

Applicants must sign up for the Summer Program courses they’d like to take at icpsr.umich.edu/SummerProgram and send the following materials to Professor Tyson King-Meadows (tkingmea@umbc.edu):

  1. Cover letter indicating why you want to attend the ICPSR Summer Program and how the training will advance your career or completion of your PhD;
  2. Curriculum Vitae;
  3. Letter of support from your faculty advisor (certifying applicant ABD status) or department chair (attesting to applicant tenure-track or non-tenured status), submitted directly by the letter writer to the above email address; and
  4. A writing sample featuring your use of quantitative reasoning and statistical methods.

Deadline: MARCH 29, 2021

For more information about the ICPSR Summer Program, visit icpsr.umich.edu/sumprog or contact


For more information about NCOBPS, visit www.ncobps.org.