NCOBPS 2022 Annual Meeting Information

March 9th – 12th, 2022

Davin Phoenix, University of California, Irvine –
Cory Gooding, University of San Diego-

Conference Will be 100% Virtual – more details available here
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SUBMISSIONS DUE: DECEMBER 8, 2021 – Papers Submissions

Our present times offer varying visions of the possible futures for Black people engaged in the struggle for liberation in the U.S. and beyond. These visions and the strategies deployed to affect their outcome are inspired and informed by generations of freedom fighters who came before, even as they are reconceptualized by Black women organizers in Georgia offering a model of how to leverage an energized Black electorate; massive global protests for racial justice that demand reckoning from political and non-political actors alike; and, multifaceted representation of Black narratives, Black history and Black future across multiple media. As Black people utilize new platforms to mobilize en masse in physical and virtual spaces to call out injustice and enact black visions, people seeking to uphold White supremacy and continue the subjugation of Black people attempt to overturn elections and overthrow governments, demonstrating that the realization of these possible futures will not come without continued conflict and confrontation.

The 2022 conference examines the collective visions of Black future being cultivated by Black individuals and groups engaged in what we broadly define as political work. We welcome panels, posters and roundtables that advance understanding of how black future visions (past and current) are articulated and contested, and how these future visions engender new meanings of state and global citizenship, establish new modalities of political engagement, and articulate new policy agendas, norms and practices. We seek to highlight research from a broad range of theoretical and methodological traditions, to spark conversations that transcend disciplinary and epistemological bounds. We especially encourage graduate and undergraduate students to submit proposals.

This is a virtual conference – no hotel bookings will be necessary.

Section Chairs

African & Diaspora Politics
Robin Turner,
Anita Plummer,

Politics, Inequality, & Social Justice
Albert Samuels,
Brandon Davis,

Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Transnational Relations
Mai Hasan,
Adryan Wallace,

Identity Politics: Gender, Class, Ethnicity, LGBTQ+, Sexuality, Religion & Queer Politics
Mzilikazi Koné,
Chaz Briscoe,

Teaching & Professional Development
KC Morrison,
Zahra Ahmed,

Undergraduate Research
Eric McDaniel,
Alexandra Moffett-Bateau,

Political Theory & Political Philosophy
Justin Rose,
Charisse Burden-Stelly,

Public Policy & Political Institutions
K. Juree Capers,
Natasha Christie,

Public Opinion & Political Participation
Brianna Mack,
Jamil Scott,

Afro-Latino Politics
Fernando Tormos-Aponte,
Yalidy Matos,