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NPSR Journal

National Political Science Review (NPSR)

The National Political Science Review (NPSR), is an annual refereed publication of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists (NCOBPS). To find NPSR Titles, search by the full name of the journal on the publisher's website: Transaction Publishers Past and recent articles can be retrieved through JSTOR.
The NPSR was conceived with emphasis particularly on theoretical and empirical research on politics and policies that advantage or disadvantage groups by reason of race, ethnicity, gender and/or other such factors. However, as a journal designed to serve a broad audience of social scientists, the NPSR welcomes contributions on any important problem or subject which has significant political and social dimensions.

The NPSR seeks to embrace the socio-political dimensions of all disciplines within the social sciences and humanities, broadly defined. Generally, the NPSR seeks to incorporate analysis of the full range of human activities which undergird and impinge upon political and social life. Thus, in addition to contributions from political scientists, the NPSR seeks relevant contributions from historians, sociologists, anthropologists, theologians, economists, ethicists, and others.

The NPSR strives to be at the forefront of lively scholarly discourse on domestic and global political life, particularly as disadvantaged groups are affected. While not meant to be exhaustive, the listing below is illustrative of the different areas of scholarly inquiry which the NPSR wishes to draw upon:

Public Policy
African Studies
Social Policy (general)
Educational Policy
Science and Technology Policy
Policy History
Communications and Media
Health Policy

Global Studies
Race and Ethnicity
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Gender Politics and Policy
Anthropology and Ethnography
Public Management
Language and Communications
Law and Legal Studies
Religion and Theology

The NPSR welcomes conventional manuscripts, book reviews, and research notes on important issues. The NPSR is particularly interested in contributions which set forth research agendas in critical scholarly areas within the context of past scholarship and ongoing contemporary developments. The Editor encourages collaborative efforts by two or more contributors as well as contributions by single authors.

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines:
  1. The manuscript should address an interesting and important research problem or question as described above; display a high level of creativity or innovation in research; engage the relevant research literature and thereby contribute to the accumulation of knowledge; and demonstrate high-quality thought and/or theorizing (as appropriate), analysis or methodological use (as appropriate), and evidence bearing on the argument, theory, or rival hypotheses, models, or theories introduced (as appropriate).
  2. The manuscript must be well organized, well written, and thereby capable of effective and informative communication.
  3. The manuscript should follow the style guidelines of the American Political Science Association's Style Manual for Political Science (rev. August, 2006) which is based on The Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition). These guidelines include, but are not limited to, matters of text style (but, the NPSR prefers use of the third person, rather than "I” or "we” unless such use leads to very awkward writing), citations, appendices, notes, references, and tables and figures.
  4. The manuscript should not exceed 30-pages in length inclusive of notes, and must be typewritten on a standard 8.5x11-size paper. A manuscript that goes beyond the specified number of pages is returned without review unless the author specifically requests, justifies, and receives the Editor's exemption.
  5. The manuscript must include a concise, descriptive, and informative abstract of 150 words or less on the title page.
  6. All pages, including figures, tables, and appendices must be numbered consecutively.
  7. All text, footnotes, bibliographic references, and appendices (as appropriate) must be doubled-spaced and printed in a standard 12-point type font (tables may be single-spaced).
  8. Figures, tables and graphs must be submitted in camera-ready condition, and printed in a uniform typeface (preferably Times Roman) at the end of the manuscript with each one on a separate page.
  9. Figures, tables, graphs and appendices must be numbered consecutively.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines:

  1. The (designated) contact author should include all the names, contact information, and email addresses of all authors and the text of the manuscript abstract on the cover page. S/he also should identify a research subfield for the manuscript (as appropriate).
  2. Electronic submission (WORD or PDF) is preferred, however a CD that is identical in all respects to the manuscript is acceptable.
  3. Four hard copies are required for the initial review with one original/revised manuscript including only the author-identifying information and three anonymous WORD/PDF files as described below:
  4. The (designated) contact author must submit an entirely anonymous version of the manuscript as a WORD or PDF file. That is, the file must exclude such author-identifying information as the cover page information on authors' names and universities, expressions of appreciation to others for advice or data, statements of where the manuscript may have been presented at a conference, citations to the author's prior presentations or publications, and other such identifying text. The WORD or PDF file should be printable. An author who submits a revised manuscript must insert an anonymous revisions memorandum at the beginning of the anonymous revised manuscript WORD or PDF file. The memorandum and the revised manuscript must be in the same WORD or PDF file.
  5. An author may, but is not required to, submit a second, author-identifying file with comments to the editors, acknowledgements, and details on where the paper has been presented, and/or statements that related text, data documentation, or additional analyses are available on request.
  6. No submission is returned.

NPSR does not review manuscripts that:

· Do not meet the standards stated above;

· Works that are not analytically rigorous (as appropriate), of high quality, and self-contained;

· Works that are unsolicited rejoinders to recently published articles;

· Manuscripts under review elsewhere or already published; and/or

· Ignore one or more of the substantive, stylistic, or formatting preparations or procedures stated above.

NPSR is committed to the integrity and quality of the review process. It conducts this process in a manner that is timely but also depends on reviewers' response. Accordingly, time-to-decision averages approximately sixteen weeks. All reviews are advisory to the Editor.

Correspondence and manuscripts should be sent to:
Tiffany Willoughby-Herard, Managing Editor, UC Irvine,

Sharon Wright Austin, University of Florida,
Angela K. Lewis, University of Alabama-Birmingham,
Duchess Harris, Macalester College,
Brandy Thomas Wells, Book Review Editor, Oklahoma State University,


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