NCOBPS President-Elect

Tiffany Willoughby-Herard, Ph.D.

Meet the President-Elect

Tiffany Willoughby-Herard is an Associate Professor in the Department of African American Studies at the University of California, Irvine. She is the former Co-Editor of the National Political Science Review, the refereed academic journal of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists, as well as a current History/Social Science BookReview Editor for Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the journal of the Critical Ethnic Studies Association. She is the author of Waste of a White Skin: The Carnegie Corporation and the Racial Logic of White Vulnerability (University of California Press 2015) and editor of Theories of Blackness: On Life and Death (Cognella 2011) as well as guest editor of numerous Special Issues. She has published works on African politics, critical approaches to African humanities, South African cultural studies and political thought, Black feminisms and third world feminisms, Black Political Thought and the material conditions of knowledge production, Black Movements, and raced gender consciousness and queer and trans sexualities internationally, Gendered African Diaspora Studies, and philanthropy and race. These works appeared in publications such as Theory & Event; Contemptorary; Abolition; Journal of Contemporary Thought; Cultural Dynamics; African Identities; Social Justice; National Political Science Review, Politics, Groups, & Identities, South African Review of Sociology; New Political Science; Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers; Race and Class, and in the anthologies Relational Formations of Race: Theory, Method and Practice edited by Natalia Molina, Daniel HoSang, and Ramón A. Gutiérrez in 2019 and Shout Out: Women of Color Respond to Violence edited by Barbara Ige and Maria Ochoa in 2007. She is the winner of the 2017 Association for the Study of Black Women in Politics Mae C. King Distinguished Paper Award on Women, Gender and Black Politics and the 2015 and 2011 UC Irvine Chancellor’s Award for Fostering Undergraduate Research. She is a member of the LGBTQ+ Caucus of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists and the former President of the LGBTQ Caucus of the American Political Science Association, past Co-Chair of the Ken Sherrill Best Dissertation on Sexuality and Politics Prize Award Committee, and past member of the African Politics Conference Group Best Paper AwardCommittee. She is married to Jeanne Scheper and together they are raising two much beloved freedom fighters and creative geniuses, Salim and Solomon, in the spirit and promise of “revolutionary Black m/othering.”